nDatu – Task Management

Nectar is one of the best task management software providers out there. Now you can track the progress of various projects for multiple users and roles using nDatu – Nectar’s Web Task Tracking Tool and Task Tracker Software. Save all task-related details, mine data from previous assignments and projects/clients, and easily manage your extensive database with nDatu, the best app for task management.

Reporting, Tracking, Assigning & Resolving tasks

Real-Time Tracking and Communication

Manage Multiple Clients

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nDatu not only allows you to track the progress of task resolution for multiple projects/clients, but it also saves information about all task in a database, allowing you to mine data from past task and projects/clients too.

Improved Communication

Multiple projects in one Tool

Team Collaboration

Task Prioritization

Real-Time Tracking

Web-Based Tool


  • Instead of adding to the existing workload, nDatu increases work efficiency and improve business productivity with its impressive features, such as:
  • Task Management: Planning, Scheduling
  • Reporting & Visualization: Build-in reports, CSV, Excel, Views
  • Multi-Feature Support: Projects, Sub-Projects, and Categories
  • Real-Time Data Use: Reporting, Tracking, Assigning & Resolving task.
  • Third-Party Integrations.