• Project ERP System
  • Platform Web App+Admin
  • Client Frank
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ERP System

This project is basically about a EPR System with added advantage of Vendor Portal and users internal communication with each other for their requirements.

  • PHP
Framework / Database
  • Laravel / MySQL

project management tool
  • Client Tracker TimeCamp

Testing tool
  • Manual

Frontend Features

  • Admin Portal: Admin can manage all vendors and other entities in the system and can view all statistical data for the transactions going on in the system
  • Vendor Portal : Available for every business to register here for free and get their login credentials once admin approves. Vendors can display their products and services on the portal which can be seen by all business owners who are looking for any product or service.
  • ERP : Business owners need to purchase this ERP from the admin. Which includes ERP Features like sales, purchase and other related transactions.

More Work