• Project Book Selling E-Commerce Platform
  • Platform Ecommerce | Admin Panel for CMS
  • Client Jessica Branco
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Project is for book selling, frontend user can purchase book and place order there is also some more feature like events and blogs.User can see the upcoming events and also read blogs about the books.Author and use can give rating to book comment on blog and event

  • React JS
  • Node Js
  • MySql

project management tool
  • nDatu

Testing tool
  • Manual

Frontend Features

  • Log In/Sign-up on a website
  • Shopping Cart
  • Product Checkout with store pick-up
  • Customer portal which is used to manage order and profile
  • User can read blog, event and comment on both


  • Admin can manage all settings
  • Admin ,consignee and author can add book,Event and Blog
  • Admin can manage CMS for website
  • Only login users can make comments and give ratings to books.
  • Order management , event management and blog management option is available for admin only
  • User can login and check order history

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