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Telecom OSS/BSS

We are specialized to build & manage efficient, stable, smooth Telecom Network and we offer complete Telecom OSS/BSS System Configuration, Implementation, Integration & Support Services.

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Nectar Infotel is an emerging provider of BSS and OSS solutions to Telco's across the globe. Our niche domain lies in the telecom industry, Telecom Consultancy Services to be precise. Taking the due from technological advancements, we provide high performance, customized solutions to Telco's so that we bring the best possible and creative products for the end consumers.

Nectar Infotel create a value chain that assists our clients with entire digital transformation. We help wireless and wire line Telco’s, cable and satellite companies to advance towards high network performance. Our key capabilities can help create, deliver and manage innovative products and services faster, at lower cost along with reduced risks.


(Expertise in Huawei CBS & Ericsson CBiO-BSCS)

  • Requirement Analysis
  • System/Solutions Architectural Design
  • Baseline setup
  • System Configuration
  • System & Service Integration
  • Customization Development
  • Interface Mapping & Validation
  • Data Cleansing & Data Quality Improvement
  • Data Migration & Validation
  • Functional / System Tests
  • Complete Production Support
  • Managed Services

We are providing professional services to manage Central and Remote 24*7 NOC, Our team follows ITIL framework which help to provide best practices and processes that can be adopted in order to provide IT service management (ITSM). Also We offer solution for Ticketing tool which help to manage each and every event.

Fault Management
We are providing end to end solutions for Fault Management. Also support on NMS for processing large alarm with advanced correlation, monitoring, analysis and outage reporting automation. We are offering solution of NMS which can be connect to any OSS at northbound interface through SNMP, Cobra Protocol. Our Fault Manager solution provides an integrated view of a telecom network, showing status in real time. Fast fault finding and quick problem response are facilitated, increasing the quality of service of the managed network.

Performance Management
We are providing end to end solutions for performance Management. Also support to create tools for processing large real time data with advanced correlation, monitoring, analysis and reporting automation which help customer to monitor accurate network performance. Our Performance Manager works on ETL functionality.


We provide end-to-end OSS solutions for FCAPS functionality combined with professional services, managed services, and implementation expertise, enable service providers to operationalize next-generation connectivity. We have expertise in Managing (Ericsson/ZTE/Huawei) Telecom 2G/3G/4G/5G OSS and ENM. Also we are providing automation solution for Fault, Performance, Configuration, Accounting and Security functionality.


  • We handle all customer complaints on real time basis, related to all types of calls and SMS.
  • Provides solutions to long pending & daily alarms on MSS & MGW.
  • We provide solutions related to hardware faults in MSS(CP,AP), MGW.
  • We provide solutions related to KPI improvement in particular routes.
  • All types of possible troubleshooting, related to protocol basis on the problems captured from captured traces.
  • We troubleshoot problems related to CDR files, ALOG & different CP related files.
  • We are able to solve emergencies in MSS & MGW related to services.
  • We can handle new configurations related to IMSI, B number changes routing, etc.

(BSS/RAN/BTS,BSC/RNC Access Nodes Operations)

We have team of experts to support overall Radio Access Network. We are managing it very effectively with our existing clients (Africa Telecom operations). Our Teams are well qualified and have rich experience in handling all types of operations whether it's Critical or day to day operations. We offer following services:

  • Support Team for Radio Network Access (Configuration, Troubleshot, Commissioning, Integration, Field Operations & Maintenance).
  • Support for Radio Network Elements (BTS, Node B, EnodeB, BSC, RNC, ODU+IDU, MUX).
  • Technology Support for (GSM / 3G / LTE / WCDMA)
  • Equipment vendors support for (Ericsson, Nokia, ZTE, and Huawei).
  • Support for Radio Network KPI (GSM, 3G, LTE).
  • Operations & Maintenance support for OSS tool. (Ericsson, Huawei, ZTE).
  • Network Operations support (NOC) for RAN.
  • Support for RF optimization (GSM, 3G, and LTE).

We are simply one point of support for multiple vendors & multiple technology. Which includes leading vendors like (Ericsson, Huawei, Nokia, and ZTE) and technologies like (GSM, 3G, and LTE).

Network Planning, Design & Optimization Core Offers:

  • RF Planning and Design
  • RF Optimization
  • Transmission
  • Training
  • In-Building Solutions
  • Bench Marking and Auditing

Identifying potential faults in the network and resolving them before they affect network performance.

Rectifying causes of faults affecting network performance.

Carry Single Site Verification, Site Audit, Coverage Verification, Parameter verification Reconfiguration and Problem Analysis in Acceptance Site

Detailed design and planning is carried out to deliver parameter planning, frequency planning, traffic planning, neighbour planning and creation of data build. A unique on site – off site model offers economies of scale and faster ramp up for our valued customers through our virtual planning and optimization centre.

Inbuilt coverage planning and solution for weaker areas without proper signal to access voice and data.

Investigate and resolve Performance degradation in the network within prescribed timelines.

The Purpose of Drive Testing

Drive testing is principally applied in both the planning and optimization stage of network development.

  • To provide path loss data for initial site survey work.
  • To verify the propagation prediction during the initial planning of the network.
  • To verify the network system parameters.
  • To provide the initial test parameters used in Bench marking.
  • To verify the performance of the network after changes have been made e.g. when a new TRX is added; the removal or addition of a new site; any power adjustments or changes to the antenna; any changes in clutter or traffic habits.
  • To measure any interference problems such as coverage from neighbouring countries.
  • To locate any RF issues relating to traffic problems such as dropped or blocked calls.
  • To locate any poor coverage areas.
  • To monitor the network against a slow degradation over time, as well as monitoring the network after sudden environmental conditions, such as windstorm or electrical storms.
  • To monitor the performance of a competitor’s network.

Types of drive Test

Different types of drive test to fulfil Requirement from the customer.

  • Single site Drive Test
  • Cluster Drive Test
  • Acceptance Drive Test
  • Site Swapping Drive Test
  • Benchmarking Drive Test
  • Functionality Test
  • Walk Test for IBS

RF optimization will be an on-going activity and will need to be revisited as traffic increases in the network and as new sites are deployed.

In addition, as the network matures, the optimization process should be enhanced to take into account statistical data and key performance indicators collected throughout the network.

Single Site Verification

To verify the functionality of every new site.

Objective - To ensure there are no faults related to hardware installation or parameter settings.

RF Optimization

Once most the sites in a given area are integrated and verified, RF (or Cluster) optimization could begin.

Objective - To optimize coverage while in the same time keeping interference and pilot pollution under control over the target area. This phase also includes the verification and optimization of the neighbour lists.

Services Testing & Parameters Optimization

To be conducted in areas of good RF conditions in order to exclude any coverage issues. Such testing does not need to be performed for each cell but the drive route must include different clutter types and environments.

Objective - To evaluate the performance and identify any need for specific parameter optimization.

Regular Reference Route Testing & Stats Analysis

Constant monitoring and evaluation of the network performance can be based on drive test as well as traffic statistical analysis.
Results of the regular analysis may necessitate re-visits to the RF optimization and/or parameters’ tuning.

Objective - To identify any new issues that could arise, for example, as a result of increase in traffic or changes in the environment

Our Promise

  • Seamless system integrations
  • Increase capacity, extend coverage, improve quality, without additional capital investment
  • Significant, measurable and immediate reduction in OPEX
  • Superior, stable and sustainable data throughput and user-experience
  • A network that matches increasing volatile demand
  • Supporting (LTE/5G/4G/3G/2G) cross technology
  • Deploy experts on Managed Services

Telecom OSS/BSS