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Nectrac GPS Tracker

Nectrac GPS Tracker provides vehicle tracking software which does fleet management for commercial or private vehicle owners.

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App Modules



  • User Management
  • Search vehicle on map between source and destination
  • Trip Scheduling
  • List of Vehicles in nearby location
  • Emergency & Help


Driver Manager

  • User Management
  • Fuel Management - Fuel History, list of Fuel station, Fuel Consumption
  • Trip Management
  • Vehicle Management (List of Vehicles with Fuel Capacity)


Live Tracking

Live Tracking

Do Real-Time Tracking of your objects (vehicles, people, bikes, etc.) with additional information like speed, time, location. Monitor the driver position plus track the vehicle/Fleet which elevate the security and safety levels for the user.

Notification Alerts

Notification Alerts

Create the customized rules & get instant alerts on your iPhone, Android or Windows devices, via e-mail, mobile app or SMS. Get SOS alarms if the device goes out of set perimeter.



The Geofence feature in your tracking device allows you to create virtual perimeters around any area on the map, record and quantify all activity related to that landmark.

Report Generation

Report Generation

Analyse reports through a GPS tracking software that comes with the device with all the information like by date and the GPS tracker name, including driving hours, stopovers, distance travelled in different formats: XLS, PDF, CSV, TXT.

Real Time Tracking

Track your Delivery

Real time tracking of the fleet on both app and web dashboard with data on ETA to customer, Distance from Destination, with complete travel history and delivered actions.

Custom Geo-Fencing

Our tracking system solutions comes with geofence feature to help you take control of your fleet. Geo-fencing can be looked upon as a virtual perimeter that you can draw around any location on a map. If you enter or exit this location, you will receive notifications.

Route planning and Security of Delivery

Easily prefix the route and delivery points, with alerts to manager if there is any drift from the planned route or if the package is not delivered on pre fixed point.

Dynamic and Interactive Dashboard

Available on Both on app and web, with multiple filters for seamless access and management.

Share live tracking with Customers

Customers can track the delivery boys live on road via tracking-link sent to them via SMS/WhatsApp, leading to reduced support calls and improved efficiency.

Track your Vehicle

Real time tracking of the car on both app and web dashboard with data on ETA and distance to you and family members with complete travel history.

Let Family Members track your car

Invite family members to you customized family groups and each member can check real time location with options to check distance and travel time of car to their location.

No Wiring / Installation Required

The hardware device can be plugged in the OBD2 port of your vehicle (four-wheeler) for tracking the car by an end user.

Unauthorized Usage of Vehicles and Recovery in case of Theft

Vehicle's exact location can be retrieved using the GPS tracking unit in case of theft. This optimises retrieval times of the vehicles and also reduces the amount of damage caused to the vehicle while stolen.

Track your children's School Bus

Real time tracking of the School Bus on both app and web dashboard with data on ETA and distance to you and family members with complete travel history.

Track Ignition Status of the School Bus

Track the engine ON/OFF events through the ignition report.

Safety For Your Children

No longer do your children have to wait in the dark, freezing temperatures, pouring rain or hot sun. With this app parents will know when their child’s bus is arriving, reducing the time their children spend standing by the side of the road.

Notification by Messages

With this app, the school can send messages and push notifications directly to the parent app. This helps the school notify parents or guardians of potential delays en route or other relevant information.

Track your employees

Track the attendance, routes taken and meetings conducted by the employees with option to record the meeting discussions and upload the images from customer location with automatic tracking of location and time.

Attendance & Vital Stats

Employee Check-in on the App and attendance gets captured with location and time. Check In linked to particular location as starting point is also possible. Manager views key performance parameters on Portal Dashboard: Real-Time Accurate Location, Battery %, Distance Travelled, Tasks Completed.

Places & Geographical Reach

Employee equips manager with location intellect by geo-tagging each client once as per relevant category Visualizing geographical spread of clients on map is a data mine helping manager / employee prioritize visit to important clients in vicinity and optimize plans.

Dynamic and Interactive Dashboard

Available on both on app and web, with multiple filters for seamless access and management.

It is easy to calculate working hours for on-field employees.