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It is web-based Task Management Tool. It is easily deployable to aid online product for task management with an extensive database.

  • Reporting, Tracking, Assigning & Resolving tasks
  • Real Time Tracking & Communication
  • Manage Multiple Clients

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nDatu not only allows you to track the progress of task resolution for multiple projects/clients, but it also saves information about all task in a database, allowing you to mine data from past task and projects/clients too.

email notifications

Check Team at Any Time

access control

Real-time Tracking


Real-time Communication


It is designed as a tool for all over projects/clients with multiple users and roles. It is required to keep management of task and fixes Requires periodic “triage” (usually before a major release) list of main features:

  • Web-based task management system.
  • All standards features Projects, Sub-Projects, and Categories
  • Reporting, Tracking, Assigning & Resolving task.
  • Email notifications, Users can monitor specific task
  • Built-in Reporting (reports)
  • Creating Filters
  • Export to CSV, Microsoft Excel
  • Users: Easy, every employees can access it according to his/her defined role
  • Views
  • Printable reports