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Job Opportunities at Nectar

Grab amazing job opportunities and Join a leading IT Solutions firm that will challenge your mind, encourage your creativity, and help you advance your career.

What We Look For?

We look for few key attributes to ensure that you are the right fit at Nectar.

Positive Attitude

A positive attitude encourages everyone to try new things, uplifts them to brainstorm new ideas, and makes them excited about working with their peers.

Excellent Team Player

As a team member, you understand your role on the team and do your best to fulfill your responsibilities.

Leadership Traits

Speak Up. One of the most important characteristics of leadership is speaking your mind. If you have smart and innovative ideas, don’t hold them inside, put them out there.

Learn and Grow

Mentoring relationships foster healthy and effective work environments in which individuals can learn while also receiving encouragement and support.

High Goals

Research shows that setting goals boosts people’s effort, improves their concentration, and elevates their performance to help them prioritize.


Employees who are self-motivated look beyond the bare minimum of what’s required.

Add Value

We are looking for enthusiastic employees to find creative solutions for business problems that add value to their employers.

Professional Ethics

Ethical behavior is beneficial to the business and is associated with demonstrating respect for key moral principles, including honesty, fairness, equality, dignity, diversity and individual rights.

Knowledge & Capabilities

Flexible enough to learn the latest technologies & eager to advance to newer platforms.

We’re Hiring

20 Roles | 8 Teams | 2 Locations

Chief Financial Officer(CFO)


Desktop Support Engineer


Flutter Developer

Full Stack Developer

IT Recruiter

Kharadi WTC, Pune

JAVA Programmer

Jr. Software Engineer

Laravel Developer


Mangeto 2.0 Developer

Sales Executive

Kharadi , Pune

WordPress Developer


Job Opportunities at Nectar

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Employee Success Stories

Nectar takes pride in calling itself a place of hardworking and dedicated employees. It is our absolute pleasure to acknowledge this diligence we observe and announce various awards every month and quarter. These shining stars have gone above and beyond to help out the company and contribute a fair share to its growth. Nectar is wholeheartedly grateful to you for your allegiance.

September 2021