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Database Services

Our end-to-end Database services comprise of Architecture Design, Implementation, Support, Resourcing and Training. Nectar Infotel has been providing 24x7 implementation & support services on very latest versions of Oracle apps and products.

Oracle DBA Services


With our expert team of very high level technical experienced resources in Oracle, you can be rest assured of your database performance. We provide complete implementation & onsite/remote support services for live production databases from Oracle database versions 8i to Oracle 12c. Flexible options are provided to choose between onsite Oracle DBA services or remote Oracle support services.

We enable the deployment of RAC Oracle 10g,11g,12c (Multitenant Architecture) and Exadata & implementation of certain new features like ASM, FGCA, ADDM, VPD, ASMM, AWR, ADDM, Caching and Pooling, Flashback Recovery, Partitioning table, Secure files, Data guard, Oracle Replication, Oracle Stream, Secure Backup, Advance Security, Advance SQL Tuning etc.

We have managed complex Telco database environment having 100+ RAC databases along with 20 single instance databases, with 12c, 11g & 10g environment, maximum size of which is 90 TB, and achieve SLA of Oracle Database for uptime up to 99.99%.

We offer following Database Services:


With considerable experience and knowledge in Oracle Database Software, our expertise in successfully undertaking projects is unparalleled and top-notch in the industry.

Remote DBA Services

We are experts in Oracle Database Software with the experience and knowledge to bring any project to completion, while applying best practices.

Database Monitoring Tools

We use an extensive set of custom-built monitoring to monitor the health of your database systems via our remote DBA service. Our Tool provides secure and automated monitoring and analysis of your Oracle databases. It is the foundation of our Oracle remote DBA services.

Our DBA team uses these tools to monitor your database systems, while proactively managing performance and growth, also keeping your systems available at all times. You receive real-time notifications of performance and stability issues before they compromise performance or result in expensive downtime.

Many powerful and easily customizable reports are available with our remote DBA services. These reports provide current and historical information in areas such as alerts and events, database growth, table space size, high resource SQL, instance activity, performance ratios, wait events, and redo-log activity. All this information is stored in our Performance Portal.

Remote DBA Support

Being a cost effective solution in these times of budget constraints and cutbacks, many companies are forced to make reductions in staff and are looking at their Oracle support solutions and are turning to companies that provide remote DBA Services in this economy. Although they may have a team of DBAs there are several money savings programs that are available, whether you are looking at staff reductions or re-deployment of resources.

Oracle remote database managed services and consulting, database monitoring, and support plans are tailor-made to your business needs and budget. Our economical remote Oracle DBA service options range from monthly database reviews to 24/7 support with guaranteed response times. You can utilize Database Specialists, Oracle remote DBA managed services to complement your in-house resources, or — as some clients prefer — utilize our full Oracle remote DBA outsourcing services for all your production database support. To learn more about the option of remote database administration as an option for Oracle database support services, please read our white paper "Cost-Effective Alternatives for Supporting Mission Critical Oracle Database". Companies that depend on information rely on Database Specialists.

Scores of well-known companies rely on us for designing and implementation of new Oracle database systems, performance tuning, assistance with migrations and upgrades, backup and recovery strategies, database security audits, RAC (Real Application Clusters), Oracle outsourcing, remote DBA services, remote database administration and much more.

Know how to get things right the first time. Whatever your Oracle database services needs or challenges, our team of Certified Oracle Professionals have almost certainly resolved very similar issues before. Our approach to providing remote Oracle database support and remote database administration services is fully proactive, dedicated to identifying and correcting problems before they impact your business essentials.

Database Specialists remote DBA services acts as an extension of your in-house DBA resources, providing superior remote database administration, management and optimization services and access to Oracle DBAs when you need it. For those companies without DBAs on staff, we offer efficient remote DBA support so as to ensure your Oracle systems are running correctly.

Database Monitoring Services

24 x 7 x 365 Monitoring Promises Long-Term Database Health - Our Database monitoring services encourage your DBAs to focus on the things that really matter and alleviates them from the constant worry of potential Database alerts. We operate 24 x 7 x 365 Database monitoring and support with our on-shift DBAs – not just on-call rotation – supported by our delivery centers in India. Utilizing multiple remote database monitoring locations enables our team to cover the time zones by which our clients operate.