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VMware Cloud Services Overview

Nectar Infotel strives to be the leading VMware Cloud Provider, with goals to offer VMware services for building new IT platforms for the digital era by making the existing Data-Center flexible and efficient. In short, We focus on solving the right problem instead of chasing false positives or waterfalls. Above all, we focus on virtualizing & re-architecting services in your computer and storage infrastructure. Therefore, making it agile and responsive to better suit the unique demands of your business.

As we endeavor to be the greatest VMware Cloud provider, we are ready to assist you in better managing your resources so that your infrastructure and apps run at optimum best. As a result, your business performance will increase with high efficiency and flexibility.

Our goal remains to be the top VMware professional service providers, providing everything from smooth VMware data recovery to VMware Cloud foundation services and VMware authorization services.

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vmware professional service providers

How We Implement Data Center Virtualization

  • Firstly, we prepare servers from hypervisor implementation.
  • Secondly, install and configure hypervisors and guest operating systems as per recommended design.
  • Thirdly, we migrate applications and data to a virtualized environment.
  • Then, implement management tools and make process recommendations.
  • After that, we test and hand over test results.
  • Finally, we administer & Upgrade vSphere Environment.

Our Virtual Estimation & Design

  • We assess current workloads, server, and storage infrastructure.
  • Then check server and application compatibility for migration to vSphere.
  • Finally, we prepare a migration strategy and detailed action plan with minimum impact on existing infrastructure.
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DB & Virtualization Support, integration & maintenance

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