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Internet of Things (IoTs)

Design, develop, integrate, deploy and manage end-to-end IoT processes with our customizable and secure IoT solutions & services.


IoT Solutions & Service Providers

Nectar is one of the leading IoT Solutions & Service Provider that help you connect and scale with efficiency. We provide seamless IoT implementation services to integrate IoT solutions with existing enterprise architecture and transform your business processes. We help you improve your decision-making, and design, develop, integrate, deploy and manage end-to-end IoT processes.

The process of convergence of micro-electromechanical systems, the internet, wireless technology, and micro-services helps to tear down the silo walls between OT (Operational Technology) and IT (Information Technology). From IoT Application Management services to IoT Device Management services, as an IoT Solutions & Service Provider we do our best to create a superior experience for our clients.

Smartphones, sensor-activated devices, and tablets use this technology. The concept behind this technology is M2M (Machine to Machine) which brings superior visibility to a nearby area.

The business modules prepared using IoT use the data/information which is collected by “things” in different ways such as to understand customer behavior to improve product quality, to deliver the best services, and to intercept business movements.

We Provide the Following IoT Solutions & Services

Best Managed IoT Service Providers
  • Consulting Services
  • Design and Development.
  • Thorough Security Testing
  • Seamless Integration
  • Launch and after launch support services
  •  Industry-standard IoT protocols – MQTT, CoAP, and HTTP
  • Cloud and On-premise deployments
  • Device management
  • Data Collection and Routing
  • Edge Computing
  • Visualization of your IoT solution
  • Provisioning, Monitoring, and Authenticating IOT Entities
  • Secure and rich server-side APIs
  • Efficient Diagnosis and Configuration
  • Extensive Maintenance and Support

Technologies We Use

Sql Server

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IoT Case Studies

IoT Based Agro Life Connection for Govt of Uganda IOT
IoT Based Agro Life Connection for Govt of Uganda

To Digitalize farmer’s activity - connecting, monitoring and executing their all agriculture proc

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Nectrac — IOT Based GPS Tracking with Geo-fence IOT
Nectrac — IOT Based GPS Tracking with Geo-fence

A robust GPS Software system . BI system coupled with GIS Tagging.

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