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NT3 – ITSM Tool

Systematically track tickets, assign deadlines and resolve issues in a better and efficient way with NT3- Nectar’s ITSM ticketing tool.

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Nectar Infotel is among the top ITSM software providers and its NT3-IT ticketing system software is highly flexible and adaptable. From infrastructure to application service providers, it adapts to all the needs of digital businesses to manage multiple customers, contracts, and SLAs.

NT3 is a user-friendly ITSM tool designed for the systematic and efficient management of day-to-day operations of an IT Environment designed with ITIL best practices. Now you can have NT3 at your fingertips with our IT Ticketing System Software and Solutions.

Designed by experienced IT service professionals, our ITSM software – NT3 has been created to manage the complexity of shared infrastructures, reduce time to solve issues, and improve your IT team’s performance. It gives you the ability to accurately analyze the impact of an incident or change on the various services and contracts that you have to fulfill.

Being among the top ITSM software providers around the globe makes us responsible for all your operational activities for service centers. Nectar’s ITSM software development solutions allow you to define offerings that can fit each customer by establishing a single repository shared by all teams. 

Not only has that but our NT3, ITSM service management software also offered the ability to synchronize a central control center with several remote customer instances to provide them with a custom local solution linked with your operations.


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  • Work with multiple user profiles.
  • Multiple browser compatibility with an efficient and comprehensive notification alerts system.
  • Highly secure and user-friendly.
  • Supports grouping of related tickets and managing targets/deadlines for an individual ticket.

Key Features

Fully Customizable Data Model for better technical, organizational, and human-environment control.

Analyze the impact and refinement of the NT3-ITSM tool on your workflow.

Incident Management Module for tracking tickets with the user portal.

Plan any Environment Changes with the Change Management Module.AB reference to present the schedule, anticipate the impact and prepare users

Solve repeatable issues with the Problem Management Module.