DB & Virtualization Support, integration & maintenance

Client: Unitel

Project Descriptions:

DB & Virtualization Support, Integration & Maintenance

We have provided Database & IT Infra Cloud services to ensure that any critical applications & IT services can be attainable to carry out Unitel’s business activities. Our VMware solution implemented centralized management of all virtual machines. Unitel has secured a competitive advantage with Nectar’s databases and VMware services to solve next-generation IT challenges.

DB Focus Areas:

  • Implementation, Optimization, Monitoring & Tuning
  • Migration, Security, Backup & Resource Management
  • Architecture, Design, Development & Administration
  • RAC implementation and Administration
  • High Availability, Clustering & Disaster Recovery

VM Focus Areas:

  • Data Centre Virtualization & Architecture
  • Capacity Planning & Solution Designing
  • Migration Strategy – Planning & Application
  • Security Hardening
  • Administration & Environment