Vmware is one of the leading manufacturers in the section of cloud infrastructure & business mobility, that accelerates our customers’ digital transformation journey by enabling enterprises to master a software defined approach to business and IT. VMware helps you get the best performance, availability, and efficiency from your infrastructure & apps. It’s the ideal foundation for any cloud environment.

Building a new IT platform for the digital era starts with making your existing Datacenter flexible and efficient. Nectar Infotel provides services in virtualizing & re-architecting your computer and storage infrastructure, making it agile and responsive to the new demands of your business.

Our projects:
  • Nectar has successfully completed Unitel SA, a Telecom GSM operator in Angola project to build their own VMware Infrastructure & currently providing expert support to their 2000 plus growing Virtual machines.
  • Nectar has successfully completed end-to-end Design, Implementation & Consultation for Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity for ENDE (Ministério da Energia e Águas), while also supporting them to build their own Vmware Infrastructure and import VM's from cloud.
  • We believe SLA is a key performance indicator for customer service & we always make sure that our SLA level is of 99.9 % uptime/availability.
Nectar Infotel provides following VMware Services:
1) Virtualization Estimation & Design:
  • Assessing current workloads, server and storage infrastructure.
  • Checking server and application compatibility for migration to vSphere.
  • Capacity planning and solution design for virtualized servers.
  • Preparation of migration strategy and detailed action plan with minimum impact to existing infra.
2) Implementation of Datacenter Virtualization:
  • Preparing servers for hypervisor implementation.
  • Installation and configuration of hypervisors and guest operating systems as per recommended design.
  • Migration of applications and data to virtualized environment.
  • Implementation of management tools and making process recommendations.
  • Testing and hand-over with test results.
  • Administration & Upgrading vSphere Environment.

  • Challenges of Traditional Computing Environments

    1:1 ratio of server/OS/application
    Low resource utilization across IT environment
    Server sprawl = Increasing cost and complexity
    Difficult to scale applications to keep up with demands

  • Keeping Applications available & optimized

    Silos of applications = silos of Software for protection.
    A comprehensive BCDR solution can be multi-tiered and complex.
    Lack of comprehensive visibility across the IT infrastructure.

  • Cost and Complexity restricts the solution

    Some applications are left unprotected.
    No easy way to test = unpredictable results in the event of an outage.

  • Top Technology Priorities

    Virtualization and automation

  • Get more from your servers with Virtualization

    Virtualization software pools your servers’ computing resources and allocates them efficiently between Virtual Machines (VM), for impro- ved performance, reliability and operational mobility. Even a single dedicated server can run several operating systems. So you can manage services separately, host more websites, and serve more users, while being cost-effective.

    Deploy and resource Virtual Machines instantly or even automatically.

  • Consolidation

    Cost-Efficient Infrastructure
    Improved hardware utilization and reduced footprint.
    Reduced hardware requirements at recovery site.
    Usage of recovery hardware to run low-priority apps

  • Partitioning

    Run multiple operating systems on one physical machine.
    Divide system resources between virtual machines.

  • Isolation

    Fault and security isolation at the hardware level.
    Advanced resource controls preserve performance.

  • Hardware Independence

    Provision or migrate any virtual machine to any similar or different physical server.

  • Simplify Backup And Recovery With Integrated Data Protection

    Backup and recovery tightly integrated with vSphere
    Based on EMC Avamar technology.
    Simple setup and management through vCenter.
    Highly efficient global deduplication across all VMs
    Speedy recovery of VMs

  • Simplify Disaster Recovery

    Virtual machine level replication by the vSphere host.
    Included with vSphere Essentials and above.
    Low cost, efficient replication option.
    Simple setup from within vCenter Server.
    Integration with SRM enables automated DR process.

  • Centralized and Simplified Protection

    Secure your VMs with offloaded anti-virus without the need of agents.
    Higher consolidation ratios by preventing the possibility of AV storms Improved performance.

  • Align Server Resources with Demand

    Power up/down a host based on demand for server resources upto an additional 20% reduction in power costs with DPM.

  • Simplified Provisioning And Administration Of Virtual Machine Networking

    Enables the use of third party virtual switches such as Cisco Nexus 1000v in vSphere environments.
    Enhanced security and monitoring for VMs migrated via vMotion.

  • Simplify vSphere Host Management

    Capture the blueprint of a known, validated configuration including networking, storage and security settings and avail it to many hosts to simplify setup.
    Host profile policies can also monitor compliance.

  • Simplify Deployment and Patching

    Reduce Manual Deployment and Patching Processes.
    Deploy and patch vSphere hosts in minutes using a new “on the fly” model.
    Coordination with vSphere Host Profiles to two new operating modes – stateless caching and stateful install.
    Fast initial deployment and patching.
    Centralized host and image management.
    Continue deployment even when a failure occurs.

  • Scalable Storage Management

    Scalable storage management.
    Reduced time for VM provisioning.
    Automated Out of space avoidance.
    Automated I/O bottleneck avoidance.
    Eliminate VM downtime for storage maintenance.
    Reduce Time For VM Provisioning with Dynamic Storage.

Why to Choose Nectar Infotel?

  • 7+ years of experience in IT/ITeS.
  • 100% Proven Delivery Methodologies.
  • 100% Quality Assurance.
  • Modern, Clean & Responsive designs.
  • Complete & Defect free Application development.
  • On time Application delivery.
  • Provide reliable, widespread and affordable services.
  • End to end services in OSS and BSS domains.
  • 24/7 support via Skype, Call, Email.
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